AIDA Czech National Championship
in freediving 2019 - LIVE STREAM



Saturday 25th May 2019
08:00 - 09:00Athletes registration
09:15 - 09:30Briefing for athletes, judges and safety divers
09:30 - 10:10Warm Up
10:10 - 13:00OT every 10 minutes
13:15 - 14:00Warm Up
14:00 - 17:00OT every 8 minutes
17:30 - 18:00Closing and award ceremony
19:00 - 02:00After Party - Cocktail Bar Žlutá Ponorka


Sokolský ostrov 4, 370 01 České Budějovice
LenghtDepthWater temperature


1) Fill out the registration form
2) Pay a registration fee 40€ to following account:

Legendy z Budějc - Freedive klub, z.s.
IBAN: CZ22 2010 0000 0020 0151 8839
Transfer title: "Date of birth (DDMMYYYY)"

3) All participants must be in possession of a valid (no longer than 1 year) Medical exam certification.

The paid registration fee is not refundable.

Note: only members of AIDA national organizations will be classified in the official AIDA ranking. All participants results will be included into the competition result list, but those of athletes not being AIDA members will not appear in the AIDA ranking.

If you want to compete in DYN BI-FIN, please contact us at

I agree with using my personal data for AIDA Czech National Championship


The competition will be held in accordance with AIDA Rules. Athletes will compete in the following disciplines:

  • Static Apnoe (STA)
  • Dynamic Apnoe with Fins (DYN / DYN BI-FIN)

Winner of each discipline will be announced and honored separately, but the complete winner or champion of Czech republic will be athlete with the highest score of both disciplines. The champion of Czech republic could be only athlete with Czech citizenship.

Athletes could choose between DYN and DYN BI-FIN. If you swim discipline DNF, DYN Bi-fin, or DYN, result will be noted according to length of performance conted to points. DYN results in AIDA ranking will be divided to DYN BI-FIN and DYN, so if you break your PB, NR or WR, be sure it will be noted and officialy accepted as valid performance.

The competition is also open for athletes from other countries.


The maximum number of competitors is 80 + 10 substitutes.

NameNationalityTeam nameGenderCategoryConfirmed
1Jan UrbánekCZELegendy z BudějcMaleAIDAYES
2Radek DvořákCZELegendy z BudějcMaleAIDANO
3Michal HrdýCZELegendy z BudějcMaleAIDANO
4Ondřej HrdinaCZELegendy z BudějcMaleAIDAYES
5Ute WeinrichGERTSG PorzFemaleAIDAYES
6Halina BobryshavaBLRMagic Deep LitomyšlFemaleAIDAYES
7Julia KozerskaPOLKatowiceFemaleAIDAYES
8Mateusz MalinaPOLLimitlessMaleAIDAYES
9Florian GrauerGERTCB UnicornsMaleAIDAYES
10Michal DabrowskiPOLLimitlessMaleAIDAYES
11Michal BochenekPOLNo Tea No FreeMaleAIDAYES
12Jakub SirovátkaCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleAIDAYES
13Hanna YarashevichBLRMagic Deep LitomyšlFemaleAIDAYES
14Edita VašíčkováCZEOcean Devils ClubFemaleAIDAYES
15Maria UnverrichtGERTCB UnicornsFemaleAIDAYES
16Martin RumanSVKOcean Devils BratislavaMaleAIDAYES
17David VenclCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
18Zdenka BelanovaSVKOcean Devils BratislavaFemaleNewcomerYES
19Hana BíláCZEOcean Devils ClubFemaleAIDAYES
20David KohutičCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
21Martin ŠimanCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
22Martin ČítekCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
23Jan MartinčíkCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
24Radomír KupčíkCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleAIDAYES
25Martin DubielGERApnoe & Freitauchclub LeipzigMaleAIDAYES
26Peter DurdikSVKFreedive MunichMaleAIDAYES
27Abels SvenGERTCB UnicornsMaleAIDAYES
28Julia PopovaRUSMonofinFemaleAIDAYES
29Ondřej PavlíkCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleNewcomerYES
30Lukáš PavlovecCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
31Žan PetekSLOH2O TeamMaleAIDANO
32Daniel DoktorCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
33Larysa ZabrotskayaRUSSkatFemaleAIDANO
34Alan PavličSLOH2O TeamMaleAIDAYES
35Richard LoukotaSVKApneamanMaleNewcomerYES
36Ján HaščákSVKApneamanMaleNewcomerYES
37Adam ŠilhanCZEFree Dive WorldMaleNewcomerYES
38Jana LafkovaSVKApneamanFemaleNewcomerYES
39Barbora IvanskáCZEApneamanFemaleAIDAYES
40Kamil VyštejnCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
41Ondřej CelnarCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleAIDAYES
42Jan JasanskýCZEMagic Deep LitomyšlMaleAIDAYES
43Tereza KejdováCZEOcean Devils ClubFemaleAIDAYES
44Michal ŠuranskýCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
45Kateřina ŠuranskáCZEApneamanFemaleAIDAYES
46Vítězslav VespalecCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleAIDAYES
47Martin ZajacSVKApneamanMaleAIDAYES
48Jindřiška ZajacováCZEApneamanFemaleAIDAYES
49Vendula StrachotováCZEOcean Devils ClubFemaleAIDAYES
50Vladimíra JasanskáCZEMagic Deep LitomyšlFemaleNewcomerYES
51Tereza TomanováCZEFree Dive WorldFemaleAIDAYES
52Patrick ThuemmlerGERFreedive ErlangenMaleAIDAYES
53Rostislav ProcházkaCZEMagic Deep LitomyšlMaleNewcomerYES
54Marina RomanovaRUSBuni teamFemaleAIDANO
55Jan MelicharCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleAIDAYES
56Kateřina PlasováCZEFemaleNewcomerYES
57Bartosz PłonkaPOLBlackoutMaleAIDAYES
58Milan WilczákCZEOcean Devils ClubMaleAIDAYES
59Jarmila SlovenčíkováCZENemo ZlínFemaleAIDAYES
60Jan CoufalCZEFree Dive WorldMaleNewcomerYES
61Elisabeth MattesAUTNo BubblesFemaleAIDAYES
62Petr HavelCZELegendy z BudějcMaleNewcomerYES
63Slavica ZertusSLOApnea SloveniaFemaleNewcomerYES
64Robert TasicSLOApnea SloveniaMaleAIDAYES
65Saglara MandzhievaSLOApnea SloveniaFemaleAIDAYES
66Rebeka StarkováCZEApneamanFemaleAIDAYES
67Lenka BackováSVKFemaleNewcomerNO
68Pavel SoukupCZEApneamanMaleAIDAYES
69Vita KremserSLOInhale BlueFemaleAIDAYES
70Lucija RihtarSLOApnea SloveniaFemaleAIDAYES
71Kamil BlažekCZEFEB PardubiceMaleAIDAYES


Radek DvořákJan UrbánekMichal Hrdý
+420 736 152 241+420 773 673 977+420 608 554 756